Oxecure’s Acne Solutions Line really works - here are my before and after photos

Oxecure’s Acne Solutions Line really works - here are my before and after photos

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Words by Jen Suguitan / Product photography by Perkin Gotohio


This post is brought to you by Oxecure


If you’ve been dealing with acne for most of your life like I am, you’re probably looking for new products for both acne and its ‘souvenirs’ – hyperpigmentation and post-acne marks. 




I’ve been looking for a good acne treatment to add to my current regimen when I found out about Oxecure, a skincare brand that focuses on acne-control for the face and body. I was instantly intrigued by the brand’s promise to deliver results in six hours.



I gave Oxecure Acne Solutions Complete Starter Kit (Acne Clear Potion, Facial Liquid Cleanser, Sulfur Soap 30g, Body Acne Spray 25ml, P909) and its Acne Clear Powder Mud (P89/packet; P499/6 packets) a try for a few days to see if it will really work on acne prone skin. 


First stop was Oxecure’s Facial Liquid Cleanser, a gentle liquid cleanser with sulfur to help cleanse the skin and manage excess oil and propolis extract to help fade post-acne marks. I’ve been using my old cleanser for over five years, so I was surprised that my skin adjusted well. 


After a few washes, I noticed that my skin felt softer and brighter. I usually get oily midday but on my third day of using this cleanser, my skin’s oiliness lessened. I also experience tightness on my skin whenever I use a different facial cleanser, but Oxecure’s Facial Liquid Cleanser was gentle enough on my skin - my skin felt plump and hydrated after every wash!



For my cystic and active pimple, I used the Acne Clear Potion as a spot treatment. With its Multi-Acne Care Technology, Acne Clear Potion promises to zap your zits in just six hours. It has potent ingredients including 2% Salicylic Acid which helps fight acne and Niacinamide (Vit B3) which helps fade acne marks. 


After using it overnight, it DID help shrink not just my active pimple, but my cystic pimple too. After four days of religiously using it as a spot treatment for my cystic pimple, it became less visible and less painful too.


This is after four days of using Oxecure’s Clear Potion


I switched up the Acne Clear Potion with the Acne Clear Power Mud as an overnight mask on my fifth day. Acne Clear Power Mud works in two ways – as a spot treatment or as a mask. I opted to use it overnight. I usually get breakouts whenever I try using mud masks (yes, even the expensive Korean ones!) so I was half expecting to wake up with new pimples after using this.

After washing off the product in the morning, my skin’s redness visibly lessened, small red bumps were also less noticeable, and my skin felt smoother and plumper after use. What I love about the Acne Clear Power Mud is that a little goes a long way - a thin layer was enough to use for my entire face so one packet can be good to use for three to four uses as an overnight mask! 


Meanwhile, bacne has always been a stubborn problem for me. Pre-lockdown, I used to go to my derma to get not just facials for my face but for my back too! 


Since I sweat a lot from working out and spend most my day chained on my desk, I usually get painful bacne. My most recent breakout was even caused by a new shampoo that I tried.  


I’ve tried several products for my bacne but nothing has worked until I tried Oxecure’s Sulfur Soap and Body Acne Spray.




I use Oxecure’s Sulfur Soap during bath to help with my bacne. Each bar has 2.5% Sulfur that deeply cleanses skin, clears clogged pores, and reduces excess oil. Post bath, I use the Oxecure Body Acne Spray twice every day. Like the rest of Oxercure’s line, Body Acne Spray has Salicylic Acid for bacne and Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel to nourish skin. 


After a week of using, itchiness from bacne has lessened while most of my active pimples have dried out. I also noticed that some of the marks are way lighter. A few more weeks of using this duo should help banish my bacne - something that I’m really looking forward too!


Overall, I am so happy that I gave Oxercure a try. After a few days of trying out Oxecure, I noticed that my skin feels smoother, brighter, and I haven’t had a new breakout since incorporating it in my routine.


If you’ve been battling acne for a long time, trying out new products can be nerve-wracking because you’ll never know if it’s going to work or not. After this experience, the Oxecure Acne Solutions Complete Starter Kit and Acne Clear Power Mud are definitely going to my new HG recommendations! 


Oxecure is available on Lazada,  Shopee,  Zalora, BeautyMNL, Watsons, St. Joseph Drug, SM Beauty, and selected 7/11 branches